Steel Frame Construction

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An opportunity for home buyers in Comporta to construct their new home with a superior material.

Steel Frame Construction Comporta

Can be engineered to any design of home in Comporta

Steel Frame is a lightweight construction material which is formed on site

Unlike the majority of building materials and methods of construction, the Steel Frame pre-engineered system is 99.9% accurate.

The life expectancy of a Steel Frame system is 300 years.

Termite free and bug resistant.

An Environmentally Friendly Building Material

A cost effective building method.

Makes simple work of complicated designs.

Reduced Labour Costs

Comporta Steel Frame homes reduce material and labour costs.

Has little or no waste at manufacture or installation.

The Steel Frame system for building homes in Comporta is engineered to satisfy and normally exceed all building codes and regulations.

Creates a natural and healthy living environment.

The Steel Frame building method is quick to install and may be assembled by an unskilled workforce.

Requires less tradesmen on site.

Steel Frame Comporta Homes

The Steel Frame system

Does not require any heavy lifting machinery.

Comporta Steel frame is installed without any expensive tools or machinery and can in fact be installed with a screwdriver and spirit level.

Warp Resistant

Free from twisting, warping or splitting.

May be clad with any type of exterior finishing which enables the Comporta client to choose a finish that best suits them.

The Steel Frame Building System in Comporta

Resistant to rising and penetrating damp.

This makes the system extremely important for use in Comporta where many of the new homes are built within a short distance to the ocean.

Even though the majority of new homes in Comporta are built on one level, the Steel frame system allows you to build up to three, meaning that there are no restrictions should you require a basement, first and second floor.

The majority of steel that is used today is made up of 85% recycled steel, making this product extremely “green.”

It’s also recyclable again when de-constructing this home in 300 years time.

Comporta Steel Framed Homes

The Steel Frame system is an accurate and competitive building system which may be used with any design of home.

Either have your architect send us your existing plans or work with ours to make your design for you.

Each home is pre-engineered and installed in a hassle-free manner.

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Real Estate for Sale in Comporta

Comporta offers a wide variety of properties for sale although there is limited availability.

You may find a small building plot for around one hundred thousand Euro’s or invest in the millions.

Plots, homes, villas and large tracts of land for sale including tourism developments and farm land.

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