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Comprehensive Guide to Comporta Portugal 2020.

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Beaches in Comporta

Praia do Pinheirinho Beach

Comporta Beach

Superb beach served by two bar/restaurants with all the facilities.

Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, great food and a chilled musical vibe at Comporta Cafe or Ilha do Arroz.

Pego Beach

Hosts the world renowned restaurant Sal and frequented by gentry from the capitals of Europe.

Pego Beach, an elegant yet chilled place to be with family and friends, enjoy delicious food and catch-up on the latest international news.

Carvalhal Beach

Terrific family beach with great food and sensible prices.

Parties throughout the summer at Por do Sol.

On a good day, you won’t beat the grilled fish at Dinis.

Brejos Beach

An almost private beach without facilities, so better to pack a picnic and carry your parasol because there are no restaurants or shade.

Aberta Nova Beach

A huge expanse of beach stretching for 3.5km.

Nude sunbathing allowed.

Car park and restaurant.

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Restaurants in Comporta

Comporta is renowned for her rice dishes, locally caught and superbly grilled Atlantic Ocean fish, shell fish and organically bred cattle, lamb or black pork.

Many restaurants use locally grown organic ingredients served in a traditional way, with each chef adding their own flavours to each dish.

Specialities of the area include grilled fish, boiled cod, stews, coriander rice, and a plethora of grilled meats.

There is a multitude of regional wines to choose including full bodied red and refreshingly chilled white or rose.

Beach restaurants in Comporta including Comporta Cafe, Ilha do Arroz, Sal, Dinis and Por do Sol each with their own distinct style and flavour.

Most village restaurants are family run where you’ll benefit from traditional homemade coooking, the exceptions to this rule include 5entidos in Carvalhal and Cavalariça or Museu do Arroz in Comporta.

Dishes and quality will vary from restaurant to restaurant but you can find a moderately priced homemade meal from €10 or pay €100 per head at the beach.

Most restaurants are suitable for couples, families or larger groups, although it’s recommended that you reserve your table beforehand throughout the summer.

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Shopping in Comporta

Shopping in Comporta


Home decor and lifestyle boutique by the much acclaimed Marta Mantero.

Private consultations available.


Concept store in Comporta offering men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, home decor and accessories.

Cote Sud

Internationally influenced, high-end designer beach wear, home decor and accessories.


Art and Decor. Antique, modern and original handmade pieces.

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Storks in Brejos da Carregueira


Horse Riding

Horse ride along the beach. One of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll find.


Bird watching throughout the estate. With over 200 species living or passing through, this area of Portugal is a birders paradise.


Surfing at Carvalhal or Pego Beach.

Great fun for children and beginners whilst the larger waves can be found less than an hour away.


Classes are open throughout the summer months which provide an excellent way to relax throughout your stay.

Roman Ruins

The Romans were here some 2,000 years ago and used the area for catching and salting their fish.

Rice Museum

A great way to discover some of Comporta’s history because much of the cultural heritage of Comporta and still a large part of the estate, today is about rice production.

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Comporta Villages

Comporta Village Portugal


The village is the central area of the estate with a lively buzz of activity going on throughout the summer months.

The vibe for the rest of the year is laid-back, with unexpected anticipation for good fortune, that seems always to smile.


Carvalhal Village consists of one main high-street which runs through the centre of the village.

The village also provides the only access to both Pego and Carvalhal Beaches.


Carrasqueira is a more traditional area where you will find the old wooden port, “Cais Palafitico” daily caught oysters and many of the traditional fisherman’s cabanas that have glossed the international press.

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Serra da Arrabida from the Atlantic Shore


Hotels within the Comporta area including Grandola, Alcacer do Sal, Troia and Melides.

Varying prices and quality.

Real Estate sales Comporta

Ideal for those looking to purchase a holiday-home, investment, plot of land or country estate.

Property prices have risen over the last few years, but we still a twenty year plus, development period. (March 2020).

If you are buying land to build your home, ask about our professional services.

Our network includes architects, lawyers, and construction companies; Not all companies or services are equal.


Natures Tunnel - Grandola to Comporta


Comporta is one of the most fashionable areas in Europe with many articles are being written about the area.

Publicatioins include the New York Times, Conde Nast, Monocle, Forbes, The Guardian, The Times and Le Figaro.


Many photographs show the incredible natural beauty of the area, including the beaches, Estuary and the Cais Palafitico in Carrasqueira at sunset.


images of Comporta

Lisbon to Comporta

The drive from Lisbon to Comporta is approximately one hour south whilst the Algarve to Comporta is two hours north.

Both journeys are really quite pleasant as there is very little traffic on the motorway.

Exit at Grandola or Alcacer do Sal and enjoy the rest of your “countryside” journey.


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