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Comporta, Portugal. Naturally beautiful with sublime beaches that embrace the Alentejo coast and countryside



Comporta is located on the Alentejo Coast approximately one hour and fifteen minutes south of Lisbon and the international airport.

It is a beautiful countryside area that for many years was kept secret by the well-heeled and those in the know.

Although Comporta and the surrounding area is the primary residence for the many locals, it swells in the summer months due to the influx of tourists from the capitals of Europe and beyond.

Apart from the Portuguese, the French and British make up most of the visitors although, the Swiss, Belgians and Americans also have a sizable presence.

Comporta is very laid-back with a genuine beachside feeling, with the rich and famous blending into the environment rather than trying to stand-out in the limelight.

If you are looking for a simplistic environment and prefer nature to the buzz of the cities, then Comporta should be on your list to visit.

Beaches in Comporta

Beaches in Comporta

The beaches are stunningly beautiful and meander from Troia to Melides along the Alentejo Coast for some 50km’s.

For most of the year these beaches are quite empty with the exception of the odd fisherman, jogger or stroller.

The beaches start to come alive around Easter time when many of the restaurants re-open for the season.

The season generally lasts between Easter and October, but can sometimes be extended if the weather is exceptional.

Beaches in Comporta Portugal with direct access include Troia, Soltroia, Comporta, Carvalhal, Pego, Pinheirinho, Gale and Melides.

The beach at Brejos da Carregueira is shielded by the rice fields, so if you intend to drive there, do not forget your pass.

Although limited, you will find a number of beach bars and restaurants including Comporta Cafe, Dinis, Por do Sol and SAL restaurant.

As the Atlantic Ocean can be extremely forceful with dangerous under-currents, it is advisable to take care whilst swimming and respect the flags when they are flying red.

If you are lucky enough to be here in autumn or winter, try the beaches as there is barely a soul to be seen.

Many of these days are quite warm averaging 14ºC with bright cloudless skies.

The beaches in Comporta are very safe and the locals are extremely friendly.

Restaurants in Comporta

Restaurants in Comporta

Comporta is renowned for her rice dishes, locally caught and superbly grilled Atlantic Ocean fish, shell fish and organically bred cattle, lamb or black pork.

Many restaurants use locally grown organic ingredients served in a traditional way, with each chef adding their own flavours to each dish.

Specialities of the area include grilled fish, boiled cod, stews, coriander rice, and a plethora of grilled meats.

There is a multitude of regional wines to choose including full bodied red and refreshingly chilled white or rose.

Beach restaurants in Comporta include Comporta Cafe, Ilha do Arroz, Sal, Dinis and Por do Sol each with their own distinct style and flavour.

Most village restaurants are family run where you will benefit from traditional homemade coooking, although the exception to this rule include 5entidos in Carvalhal and Cavalariça or Museu do Arroz in Comporta.

Dishes and quality will vary from restaurant to restaurant but you can find a moderately priced homemade meal from €10 or pay €100 per head at the beach.

To avoid disappointment, we recommended that you reserve your table throughout the summer.

Shopping in Comporta

Shopping in Comporta

There are a variety of shops throughout the estate and the surrounding villages offering a plethora of products and services.

Most will be found in Comporta village although there are a number of boutiques and decoration stores in Carvalhal.

Many of the stores offer beachwear, ladies and gentleman’s apparel and accessories.

There are a growing number of home decoration stores with many offering private consultantions.

Some of the best shops in Comporta Portugal include Lavanda, Cote-Sud, Rice, and Jacques Grange.

There are also a number of antique and second-hand stores where many original items may be found.

A lot of the products are made-in-Portugal, many handmade and many unique.

Things-to-do in Comporta

Things-to-do in Comporta

There are a many things-to-do in Comporta apart from lounging on the beach or sipping a cocktail at one of the beach bars.

Horse-ride along the beach and for sure one of the most enjoyable experiences you will find.

Bird watching with over 200 species living or passing through, this area of Portugal throughout the year.

Surfing at Carvalhal or Pego Beach which is ideal for children or beginners.

Yoga classes are open throughout the summer months which provide an excellent way to relax throughout your stay.

Visiting the Rice Museum is a great way to discover some of the area’s history.

Much of the cultural heritage of Comporta and still a large part of the estate, today is about rice production.

Family House in the Heart of the Village

Villages in Comporta

Comporta boasts seven villages which are spread throughout the estate.

Nearby you will also find Melides, Grandola and Alcacer do Sal

Each village has its own distinctive character with the common ground between all being agriculture and especially rice cultivation.

Most of the villages are home to the local although overtime this is changing with the influx of foreign residents.

Comporta Village is the central area of the estate with a lively buzz going on throughout the summer months.

The vibe is laid-back, with unexpected anticipation for good fortune, that seems always to smile here.

Carvalhal has one main high-street which runs through the village centre and roads to both Pego and Carvalhal Beaches.

Carrasqueira is a more traditional village where you will find the old wooden port, “Cais Palafitico.”

You will also find daily caught oysters and many of the traditional fisherman’s cabanas that have glossed the international press.

Sand Stone Cliffs Pinheirinho Beach

Real Estate Comporta

Comporta is ideal for those looking to purchase a holiday home, investment property, land or country estate.

Property prices are rising, but we are still in the early stages of a sustained development period. (January 2021).

If you are buying land to build your home, ask about our professional introductory services.

Our network includes architects, engineers, designers, project managers, lawyers and construction companies.


When to Visit

The season starts at Easter and builds up until July when the crowds swell into August.

By the end of September, the crowds are returning home, but it’s a beautiful time to visit.

For total peace and quiet the winter period is magical if you don’t mind donning a sweater or jacket.

As there are quite a few paddy fields within the Comporta Estate which are the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, as long as you carry your spray and try to avoid being out just before sunset, they should not be too much trouble.

The average temperature throughout the summer is around 28ºC although there are days that can rise in to the mid-thirties and therefore it is recommended that you have plenty of suntan lotion on hand.

The Atlantic Ocean never seems to warm-up with the average temperature around 18ºC, although this can be extremely refreshing if you are spending a long-day at the beach.

Comporta is not your usual destination as it is defined by low-volume, high-class tourism with incredible beaches, stunning countryside and superb dining.


Getting Here

You will need a car for getting around as the public transport system in Comporta is quite poor.

The drive from Lisbon to Comporta in Portugal is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

The drive from the Algarve to Comporta Portugal is approximately two hours north.

Both journeys are really quite pleasant as there is very little traffic on the motorway.

Exit at Grandola or Alcacer do Sal and enjoy the rest of your “countryside” journey.

You may also head to Setubal and catch the car ferry to Sol Toia. Comporta is then a short five minute drive.


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