Comporta Portugal or Little France for the French?

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Comporta Portugal or Little France

Comporta Portugal or Little France for the French?

Up until six years ago, apart from the select few such as Jacques Grange and Christian Louboutin, Comporta was still the second home to a majority Portuguese who were mainly from the banking group Espirito Santo, family or friends.

This trend changed just after the crash of 2008/9 when the majority of the Portuguese lost assets or access to funding and for a while there was a lull in the market.

This trend changed after a very small, in number, “in the know” investors arrived in Comporta from abroad and seized the opportunity that had prevailed.

One savvy Swiss buyer happened to bring half a dozen or so French buyers with him who were friends or clients and with the help of a few high-end magazine articles, such as Conde Nast and Monocle the floodgates opened.

One buyer after another would greet you with bonjour in their sexy French accent and within no time at all the French had arrived.

Land parcels, large and small, new or renovated homes, they looked and purchased everything they could until by far, they had become the largest buyers of properties in Comporta.

Maison a Vendre

Maison a Vendre, or louer the French were everywhere and summertime would bring an influx of these Parisians and Loire Valley residents down to the coast of Comporta and had your eyes been closed you would of thought that you were in Cap Ferret or some other coastal town on the French Riviera.

The French have brought with them a certain amount of sophistication and humour which overall has added great value to Comporta, the residents and passers-through.

Due to their demand, the quality of service has increased, more is on offer and that blend of Frenchuguese is becoming Comporta.

Little France for the French

Early buyers have already seen quite a large increase in the value of their property portfolios with demand outstripping supply, and much talk at the dinner table throughout many Parisian households, with additional nationalities with some French connection such as the Belgians and Swiss heading towards this coast, this trend is likely to continue.

Comporta is more for the high middle class gentry who still have a few Euro’s to spare or for their distant cousins in the Americas whom have seen an enormous increase in the value of the Dollar which has made buying property in Comporta even more attractive.

Comporta calling London, and probably due to the banking connection and their lawyers, British buyers have also found this paradise but are still outnumbered by their French counterparts from across the pond.

Looking forward, we see a continued avalanche of foreign purchases and with the anticipated new high-end low density developments due to occur over the coming years, we believe that Comporta can only get better.

Vive la France and welcome to Comporta.

Maison a Vendre au Comporta, Portugal

Please note, any suggestion that a real estate purchase in Comporta is a good investment is solely that of the authors and does not represent any legal statement for a sound purchase.

This article Comporta Portugal or Little France for the French? is the opinion of the writer, therefore if you decide to purchase proeprty in Comporta, you should seek the guidance of a lawyer.

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