Best Comporta Real Estate Deal

Best Comporta Real Estate Deal. One of the most beautiful properties ever offered for sale in Greater Comporta area. Waterfront Real Estate, Comporta, Portugal.

The Best Deal on Comporta Real Estate in Portugal.

Without a doubt, the following tract of real estate on the borders of the Herdade da Comporta, is by far one of the best Comporta real estate opportunities that has ever been on offer.

Unfortunately, for 99% of us, this large estate is just too big for us to purchase on our own.

Farming Estates in Comporta

However, these stunningly beautiful and amazingly located properties in Comporta, could potentially be divided into huge farming estates, that would allow for the construction of a farming homestead / residential home.

Best Real Estate Comporta, Portugal

Of course this is Portugal, and you would need some great contacts and friendly officials to make this happen, but if luck and fortune were on your side it would currently be the best development within the entire area which stretches from Troia all the way down to Melides.

If after looking at this estate, you feel that there could be interest on your behalf in owing, let’s say a 48 hectare property in Comporta, with construction rights for a home of 500m2, with the agricultural part of the business taken care of by a separate entity let us know.

Whatever the case I would of thought that these estates could come to the market at around €5,000,000 per parcel, depending on size , views and location.

Anyway, it’s enough to dream for a morning, but we’re just happy that we can present this once in a lifetime opportunity to our readers.

Footnote: As you are probably aware, Comporta has seen a huge increase in buyers and tourists from all over the world and it looks like 2017 will break all records. Luckily for those of us who live here, this boost in foot traffic only occurs in July and August, so Comporta stays its beautiful same for the other ten months of the year. It is however, nice to have an influx of gent from around the globe as this does add a bit of spice to conversations and activities over dinner.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, then as always, simply drop us a line.

Please note: The above opinion is that of the author which does not represent any legal form of offer, or guarantee of values. When purchasing real estate in Comporta or anywhere for that matter, it is essential that you engage the professional services of a qualified legal representative to ensure that what is on offer, or what you believe you are buying, is in fact correct.

2020 Note: Prices have continued to rise and demand remains strong.

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