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The are seven Comporta villages and hamlets plus those around Troia and the towns of Grandola and Alcacer do SAL.

Comporta Village

This village gives its name to the entire area.

Comporta Village is traditionally Portuguese with an international influence throughout the summer.

There are many restaurants, cafes and boutiques, throughout the estate.

Comporta Beach is a short ten minute walk away, crossing the main road and meandering through the dunes or car park and provides two great restaurants, Comporta Cafe and Ilha do Arroz.

Brejos da Carregueira

An almost exclusive beach side area and private condominium in Comporta.

Brejos is the old hangout of the Espirito Santo banking family and provides private access to the beach.

Residents are multiple in nationalities.


Muda is the privileged country estate area of Comporta and a short ten minute drive to the beach.

Most estates here have at least ten hectares with some boasting in excess of one hundred.

The area is mainly covered with pine and is where the vineyard of the Herdade da Comporta Estate is located.


Apart from being a small traditional village, Carvalhal is the only true beach side area that is within easy walking to the beach.

The area includes both Pego Beach which boasts the famous Restaurant SAL, and Praia do Carvalhal Beach which boasts two superb, yet more affordable fish and seafood restaurants, Pescadors and Por do Sol.


Probably the most traditional village within the entire area referred to as Comporta and famous for its old wooden moorings for the local fishing vessels.

Carrasqueira is also home to the original fishermen cabanas which are often today now referred to as Comporta Cabanas.


Is a relatively new hamlet which is located between Carrasqueira and Comporta Village on a small and winding country road.

The hamlet will eventually host around two hundred homes with many of them having views to the Sado Estuary and Serra da Arrabida Nature Reserve in the background.


The Troia Peninsula

Sol Troia

Is an established private condominium which is located halfway between Comporta and Troia on the Troia Peninsula. Soltroia boasts both Atlantic Ocean and Sado Estuary Beaches.

Sol Troia is mainly a second home destination for many Portuguese families from Lisbon and is a favourite tourist destination for many of the Spanish visitors.


Is located at the end of the Troia Peninsula and boast four hotels, a marina, casino, a few shops and restaurants.

Troia also hosts troiaresort which is an upmarket tourist development and boasts stunning views to the Serra da Arrabida Nature Reserve and the city of Setubal which glows in the night light.


Nearby Town


Both a town and district which encompasses part of the Herdade da Comporta Estate.

Grandola is also the area where the non-violent Carnation Revolution commenced with the overthrow of the old dictator Salazar.

Provides all of the necessary shops and services that one would need if you are here on vacation or are a full-time resident.

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