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Cote Sud

Cote Sud is just one of those shops in Comporta that you have to visit.

Offering a beautiful array of high-end beach wear from many international brands.

Colourful and fashionable swimwear, linen and cotton garments.

Including hippie-chic dresses, tunics, hats and accessories.

This Comporta store also offers prominent home décor textiles.

Brands include Madeline Weinrib, Pippa Holt and Lenny Niemeyer.

Why not dress in style at the beach in Comporta or for your sunset dinner?

An ideal store to find that perfect piece or gift.


Open throughout the summer months

10am to 2pm

4pm to 8pm

Bank Holidays and Weekends


Beco das Comportas, 2, Comporta.

Telephone: 265 497 317

Cote Sud Comporta

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