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Barracuda Comporta Art and Décor Boutique is located along the high-street in Carvalhal.

The store is styled behind a blue façade courtesy of Jacques Grange, and is a welcome addition to the Comporta shopping scene.

Owner Alexander Neimann has moved into an expansive area where he is able to display his awesome and unique collection of works.

The Barracuda style is mid-century modern design and beach influenced, and aligned with with a new style incubated in Comporta.

Vintage or bohemian, original or unique furniture and home décor that lifts the Comporta style to another level.

The store provides antiques and original pieces from many parts of Europe,.

Alexander also produces his own furniture and home accessories.

Most of these items designed and made in Portugal.

Make sure you don’t look back in 20 years and regret not buying one of his original works!

For that unique piece or something collectable that very few will own, pop along and have your private consultation with Alex.

One of the best shops in Comporta.



Alexandre Neimann

(Chahan Minassian, François-Joseph Graf and François Simon)

19 Avenida 18 de Dezembro, Carvalhal
Contact: +351 937 058 514


Barracuda Comporta Art and Décor Boutique Carvalhal.

Permanently Closed

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