Possanco is located in the district of Alcacer do sal and many years ago when the agriculture and fishing industries used to attract migrant workers from all over Portugal to seasonally work these lands and waters, Possanco would have been one home which housed one family who cultivated the fields around them.

Nowadays and only recently the major protector of the reserve, Herdade da Comporta (Espirito Santo) and the local town council decided to urbanise this tiny hamlet and have brought into fruition a development of approximately two hundred homes.

Sado from the Shore

This little urbanization is completely surrounded by the protected reserve with many vantage points where one can still see the Sado River and Estuary.

It is highly unlikely in the near future that any further development will take place which therefore makes property in Possanco an ideal country residence that seems to have benefited from a little modernisation and infrastructure.

Possanco is a very personal hamlet where everybody is known by name and where many residents still leave their front doors open and their cars unlocked. When the development is finished, Possanco will become a lovely country hamlet juxtaposing the Estuary and being but a mere ten minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches of Comporta.

There are no condominiums or apartments for sale in Possanco but just family homes that are ideally suited for this quiet and secure family community.


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