Carrasqueira Comporta Portugal

Carrasqueira is a traditional fishing village located along the banks of the River Sado Estuary.

A large proportion of the area is agricultural land which is owned by Herdade da Comporta.

Many believe that HdC took its roots from the House of Espirit do Santo whom after the revolution in 1836 were granted rights for many thousands of acres.



The agricultural land in Carrasqueira was always worked by migrant labour who increased in numbers when it was time to harvest the crops.

Over the years, they eventually settled the land, living within the traditional “Fishermen Cabanas” which can still be seen today.

Many of these homes have been restored or newly rebuilt and those which are still in a state of disrepair are now protected.

The migrant workers during the periods between the 1940’s and the 1970’s, numbered in the many thousands, and it wasn’t until the advent of the mechanical farm that these numbers would reduce significantly.

Today in Carrasqueira, there are still a number of local inhabitants whom till the land they lease from Herdade da Comporta and many a small fishing boat can still be seen casting their nets over the Sado.

These fishing boats can be seen at one of the oldest moorings in Portugal, “Cais Palafitico.”


Recent Developments

Due to recent developments along the Troia Peninsula, many of the younger villagers have given up their parents professions and taken to working within the tourism sector.

This increase in disposable income is reflected in the small amount of new construction that Carrasqueira is now seeing.

Many of the properties that are for sale in Carrasqueira are still located on land owned by the Herdade da Comporta and can only be bought with their permission.

Carrasqueira boasts a main high street where most of the commercial activities are found.

This includes restaurants, bars, cafes and a couple of small general stores and supermarkets.


Eat and Drink

Barco do Sado – 265 497 007

Rola – 265 497 003

Frango Assado – 265 497 399

Gonçalves – 265 497 123

Retiro do Pescador – 265 497 172

Santiago. O Rei do Choco – 265 497 179

Carrasqueira Cafe – Rua 25 de Abril

Mario – Between Carrasqueira and Possanco


General Stores

Builders Merchants Leonardo – 265 497 161

Supermarket Leonardo – 96 746 3869

Supermarket Carmen – Av. dos Pescadores

Fishmonger Ismael – 265 497 275


Carrasqueira Comporta Portugal

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