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The majority of surfing in Comporta is practised at “Praia do Carvalhal Beach” although you may also surf at “Praia do Pego,” Aberta Nova or Melides beach.

If you are a beginner, an adolescent or family then surfing in Comporta at Carvalhal beach is just perfect.

The surf school in Comporta is based at Carvalhal beach and is open throughout the year.

The school has been open since 2008 and caters to both the local resident and tourist who spend many a happy hour here, riding the waves and generally making friends for life.

Riding the Tunnel Comporta

The surf lessons are suitable for all ages and cater to all experience levels, in fact, if you are an experienced surfer, then why not come down to the beach and pass on some of your favourite experiences or simply tell a few stories that are dear to you.

The instructor at Carvalhal Surf School is certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation and is a “local” who has surfed this area since his 14th birthday and therefore nobody knows the waves, swirl or beach better than him.

As a beginner, the lessons will start on the beach where you will learn to surf safely and understand the waters that you are about to tame.

As you take your first step into the ocean you will begin to practice the lessons that you have learned onshore.

As you progress to become an more experienced surfer then corrections to your technique and a greater knowledge of the local surf will enable you to start to thoroughly enjoy this addictive sport.


The surf in Comporta is an ideal place for the individual, group or family to spend a great time in great company.

As well as offering surf lessons, you may also ask Ana who also runs Maria Mar Surf and Guest House to stay at her surfing accommodation in Melides. This home is a great place to base yourselves and enjoy the company of like minded surfers in superb surroundings.

Ana can provide you with many different services and is a great guide and person of local knowledge and no matter how difficult your request, Ana is always pleased to assist and able to help.

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