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Roman Ruins Troia

The Roman Ruins in Troia were the largest fish-salting production centre of the old Roman World and on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Return to the 1st century A.D. near Comporta

Discover a national monument that has survived for over 2000 years, with houses, factories, baths, mausoleum and necropolis.

This fish-salting facility is the largest known to exist anywhere within the Roman Empire.

It was where salted fish and sauces were prepared to be sent all over the Empire.

The location of the ruins on the Sado Estuary along the Troia Peninsula.

A stunning place of natural beauty with the forest and dunes flowing onto the narrow beaches where one can still see active fishermen to this day.

The site offers many opportunities to better understand how this hive of activity once worked.

Very affordable, educational and well worth the visit.

Roman Ruins Troia

Opening Hours

March to October
Wednesday to Sunday – 10am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 6pm

Guided Tours

March to May and October – 1st Saturday of the month at 3pm
June and September – Saturday at 3pm
July and August – Wednesday and Saturday at 10.30am

Closed for “Our Lady of Troia” religious celebration from 9th to 14th of August

All Year
Opens for Groups (minimum 10 persons), schools and other activities

Ticket Office

Standard ticket: €5.00
Troia Resort guests, marina and golf members, students, 65+ and groups: €4.00
Under 14 and clients of Montepio bank: free

Guided Tour

Standard ticket:  €7.50
Troia Resort guests, marina and golf members, students, 65+ and groups: €5.00
Under 14 and clients of Montepio bank: free
Groups from €5 to €10
Schools from €3 to €8 per student
Senior University €2.5 per student
Birthday Parties €10 per child. Parents free

Fish-Salting Troia Roman Ruins

What to do?

Starry Night up to 50 persons

Musical Sunsets

Fish salting and rice industries of the past and present
Learn all there is to know.

About fish salting and sauces at the Roman Ruins of Troia.

About rice production at the Rice Museum in Comporta.

Transportation not included
2 hours €10/person 10 people

Hikes – Short Trail
There are ruins outside the normal route and much to discover.

Tour guided by an archaeologist.

Schedule dependent on the tides

1.5 hours 5 €/person approx. 2.5km easy walking on the sand, 10 people

Hikes – Long Trail
Starting at the ferry pier, the track runs along the banks of the estuary from where one can see the ruins not shown on the standard tour.

A picnic-stop in the pine forest before returning along the northern banks of the Caldeira Lagoon and the cycle path to the pier.

Schedule depending on tides.

6km €10 (Picnic not included)

8km easy walking on the sand, 12 people

Peddy Paper
Step by step, discover the ancient history of the archaeological site of Tróia.

1 to 3 hours €7,5 (picnic not included) easy walking on the sand, 10 people

School Programme

Educational Activities
In addition to the guided tour.

A variety of activities will help the archaeological team to foster the development of pupils’ knowledge of the ancient Roman world.

Guided tour of the ruins and choice of one activity.
These programmes offer a special discount on the cost of crossing the river Sado with Atlantic Ferries.

1 hour €3 per student

A walk on the beach with views not normally seen by visitors.
6 hours €5 per student

Fish Salting and Rice Industries of the Past and Present
Educational archaeological and environmental activity.
2 hours €8 per student | €4 under 12 years old

Archaeology and Environment
Educational archaeological and environmental activity.
2 hours €5 per student

Troia Summer Project


Troia Summer Project is a new archaeological school field program.

Offering students the opportunity to participate in a scientific archaeological project in the largest fish salting production centre in the Roman Empire.

This Project is a collaboration between the Archaeology, Arts and Heritage Sciences Study Centre (CEAACP), the American Foreign Academic Research and Troia Resort.

For further details on all activities

Phone: +351 265 499 400

Fax: +351 265 499 469

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Roman Ruins Troia

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