There are many things-to-do in Comporta and Troia including sailing, surfing, horse riding, fishing, cycling, bird watching, and more;

Europes unspoilt beaches in Comporta

Comporta Beaches

Tourism is on the rise in Comporta which has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Apart from the pristine sand and cool Atlantic Ocean you’ll also find some amazing beach restaurants. Beach activities in Comporta include sunbathing, volleyball or running

surf in Comporta - Carvalhal Beach

Surfing Comporta

The surf in Comporta is pretty reasonable and is an excellent way for the youngsters and family to learn and enjoy this incredible sport. The Surf school is located on Carvalhal Beach and accommodates both beginners and experts alike. The staff that run this show are professional, superb and like “ALL” surfers love what they do. This is a great first time experience and one that you may return to, time after time

Bird Song in Comporta

Bird Watching

Comporta is a wild life haven for many species of birds and according to the majority of literature that is available there are some 200 different species that frequent this paradise.

Play Black Jack at Troia Casino

Troia Casino

Troia casino is managed and operated by the tourism Group Amorim and forms part of their luxurious Blue and Green Troia Design five star hotel. The casino has nightly entertainment which brings in an influx of international travelers to the peninsula and in turn adds another bright spark to this fantastic and colourful destination


Throughout the year you will see numerous cyclists travel the unique road that runs the length of Troia peninsula. Individuals or groups, amateurs or professionals are attracted to the magnificent views that Troia boasts to the Sado Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. There are also a number of cycling events and attractions held throughout the year, which all can enjoy

Dolphin Observation in Comporta and Troia

Dolphin Observation

One of Comporta’s true spectacles is our resident Bottlenose pod of dolphins. These incredible mammals have been under the careful eye of Vertigemazul for the last twelve years and have provided thousands of tourists and residents with memories that will never be forgotten.

Some days the dolphins can be viewed from shore however it is far more exciting to see them close up. Vertigemazul tourist excursions are frequent in the summer months and at varying times for the rest of the year

Yoga in Comporta

Yoga in Comporta

With Master Tomas Mashi Mashan. Open every morning at 9.30am in June July August and September. Contact Mashi for details and timetable

Roman Ruins

Roman Ruins

Between Comporta and Troia along the peninsula. Affordable, educational and many programmes to choose from

Rice Museum Herdade da Comporta

Rice Museum Comporta

Just outside of Comporta Village. The Rice Museum was founded to exhibit the traditional rice production culture of the region which has played an important part in the history of Comporta right up to this present date and contributes to the lively cultural scene of the community and is located in the old rice mill dating back to 1952, when the estate first began to process rice.

Fishing the Atlantic Coastal Waters


It is common knowledge that long before the Romans inhabited this part of the world, that the local population had fished both the estuary and Atlantic Ocean which has provided an array of fresh and salt water seafood and fish

Whether you are an active angler or make your living from the surrounding waters the determination, patience and skill is still today what it has always been and not a day passes without seeing either a fishing vessel with her captain and crew or a lone individual casting their nets akin to times of Jesus Christ

These hardened and courageous men, risk their lives on a daily basis and for centuries back have been the great providers of the delights that the ocean and estuary have served.

As you travel the beaches on either side of the peninsula you will also see a number of people fishing from the shore, with many a lunch and dinner being caught this way. In fact do not be surprised that the fish you intend to eat this evening was not caught in this way.

Atlantic Ocean Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Troia Golf open

Pinheirinho Golf waiting for re-branding and launch

Comporta Dunes under construction and Comporta Links planning approved

Horse Riding Activities in Comporta

Horse Riding Comporta

If you are only able to spend a short time in this marvelous area, then we highly recommend that you travel through the dunes and along the coast. Master horseman Jose Ribeira is an incredible guide, and one of the funniest guys in the region. If you want an unforgettable experience, give Jose a call and take your whole family too.

Sailing off the Coast of Comporta

Sailing Comporta & Troia

Water Sports Troia


There are many water sport activities between Comporta and Troia which include surfing, jet ski, sailing, scuba diving, speed boat cruising, snorkeling, wind surf, water ski and speed boat cruising

Wine Tasting

One of the great success stories of an expanding business in Comporta. A great selection and fun time-out. Visit for details.


Multiple activities including cycling (Mountain bikes), bird watching, off-road tours, canoeing or hiking.


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