Vintage Department Comporta

Emily Tomé and Alma Mollemans created their first store in Lisbon, in 2014.

Following the advice of customers they decided to pay a visit to Comporta.

Like many others they succumbed to the charm of this adorable portuguese village and decided to bring Vintage-Department here too.

Why Vintage Department Comporta?

Does your new home need to be furnished?

Is it outdated or the one that needs a refreshed decor?

Are you looking for something stylish and distinctive, something vintage perhaps?

Vintage-Department Comporta Portugal choice of items is all about design.

The pure lines of the Scandinavian furniture are evident on awesome chairs, glass and wooden tables or leather sofas.

This minimalist style can be matched with ethnic pieces, tapestry, pillows, pottery and lamps.

Even taxidermy stuffed animals, to create an original atmosphere.

Pass-by if you’re searching for something unique or original to complete your home in Comporta.

Would that original piece that nobody else has suit your style?

This design store is located in the centre of Comporta has has become a reference point for unique items.

Whether you home is modern or traditional, new or old, Vintage has your piece.

For one-off purchases or that perfect gift, speak to Emily or Alma.

A store with great personailty, style and service.


Rua do Secador, 5, Comporta

Phone: +351 911 778 837

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