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Loja Museu do Arroz

Not too far from Comporta Beach, as you enter the village of Comporta you will find the Loja do Museu do Arroz.

The owners Isablinha and To Ze, also own the Museu do Arroz and Ilha do Arroz restaurants in Comporta.

Inside you will find an eclectic selection of articles in bohemian-beach chic style to wear or furnish your house.

The American photographer Slim Aarons works in large dimensions and are one of the highlights for the Summer of 2020.

Aarons was best known for his works with the celebrities and jet-setters.

Apparel and decor collections follow the relaxed elegance line of Comporta living.

Clothes, shoes and other unique articles with a natural flair and luxury touch.

Capullete shoes, La Paz shirts, old Greece inspired resort wear dresses by Ancient Kallos.

White Raven handcrafted dresses or brasilian Osklen bermuda shorts can be found side by side.

Assouline coffee tables, books and straw ceiling lamps from Turkey.

There are much more singular art and design pieces throughout the store.

10am – 2pm
4pm – 8pm

Largo de S. João, 8

Phone: +351 927 153 677
mail: alojadomuseudoarrozcomporta@sapo.pt

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Loja do Museu do Arroz

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