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There’s an array of quality on offer in Comporta with regard to decoration, but as creativity is endless, there’s always space for more.

If your looking for originality and something unique then get along to Coral Comporta Boutique.

Coral presents an exquisite selection of objects and artwork, with special emphasis to made-in-Portugal items.

Such items look as good in the distinctive beach cabanas of Comporta, as well as in a town apartment.

This store in Comporta is really worth a visit because there’s such a variety of tasteful pieces, particularly if you are looking for tableware and linen.

You will also find a gorgeous selection of ceramics to match your textiles.

Surrender to the choice of beautiful mirrors, lamps, paintings, framed photos, and porcelain articles and let São and Carlos Pissarra help you decorate your home.

You can also take Comporta with you everywhere you go with necklaces, purses or earrings inspired by nature or the luxury fragrances of Comporta Perfumes, which are also available.

Conveniently located in Comporta village opposite the Cultural Centre.

For more information

Rua do Secador nº9, Comporta Village

Phone +351 919 858 721

Found in the heart of Comporta

Coral Comporta Boutique

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