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Dinis Restaurant Carvalhal

O Dinis Restaurant on Carvalhal beach in Comporta, on a sunny day, three shades of blue stand out;

The sea, the sky and the wooden shack of O Dinis restaurant behind the dunes.

Once an humble fishermen’s eatery (Restaurante dos Pescadores) was attended mainly by locals from Carvalhal.

The restaurant was renovated in 2008 to cater for the international crowd that now frequent this above average beach restaurant in Carvalhal.

Facing the postcard perfect panorama of Carvalhal beach in Comporta, o Dinis and its oceanfront balcony is a popular spot in summer and weekends.



The menu is not huge, but one thing is sure, the fish, seabass, sardines, sole, etc are as fresh as they can be.

It’s also usual in Portugal when grilling fish that you only add salt to enhance the flavour.

If you prefer something more elaborated order a seafood rice, fried cuttlefish or a fish soup with tomato and noodles.

Pair it with a cold white wine or maybe a sangria.

The prices are above average in Comporta area, but view comes with a price.



Everyday throughout the summer

12.30 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Mobile:  +351 967 977 193


For more information

Praia do Carvalhal Beach

Phone: +351 265 497 023

Visit O Dinis restaurant Facebook page


Dinis Restaurant Carvalhal Beach

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