Restaurants in Comporta


Best Dining in Comporta

The restaurants in Comporta offer a plethora of rice based dishes, served with freshly caught fish or shellfish and cooked to perfection.

Comporta Café

Comporta Beach

Tel: 265 497 652

Superb menu and a vibrant mood on Friday and Saturday nights.

Suitable for a laid back lunch on the beachin Comporta with friends or for a more serious business dinner.

Ilha do Arroz

Comporta Beach

Tel: 265 490 510

Offers a distinctive European menu and chilled environment.

Restaurante Sal Comporta

Pego Beach

Tel: 265 490 129

Hip and chic, the Comporta Beach where the “Family” and elite from the European capitals are found.

Restaurante dos Pescadores

Carvalhal Beach

Tel: 265 497 023

Traditional beach restaurant in Carvalhal with some of the best fish in Portugal.

Por do Sol

Carvalhal Beach

Tel: 265 497 225

Now owned by Sublime Hotel Comporta and due to open summer 2020.

Gomes Casa de Vinhos & Petiscos

Rua do Secador, Comporta

Tel: 265 497 748

Wines and traditional plates.

Stunning restaurant, superb wines and a delightful atmosphere.

Cavalariça Restaurant

Rua do Secador, Comporta

Tel: 930 451 879

Great kitchen and dining experience, well worth a visit in central Comporta

Restaurant Sao Joao

Rua 24 Junho, Comporta

Tel: 265 497 551

Superbly cooked traditional dishes, served with a fantastic wine menu.

Eucalyptus Cafe

Rua do Comercio, Comporta

Tel: 265 497 577

Superb cafe in Comporta to enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch or light evening snack.

Free WiFi, background music and a chilled environment.

A Cegonha

Rua do Comercio, Comporta

Tel: 265 497 658

In the heart of Comporta with an array of traditional dishes or grilled meats.

Restaurante Dona Bia

N261, Torre

Tel: 265 497 220

One of the Best Restaurants in Comporta serving superbly cooked grilled fish, rice and seafood.

Restaurante Museu do Arroz

N253 1 Just outside Comporta

Tel: 265 497 555

A stunningly designed restaurant just outside Comporta Village.

The owners are local “celebrities” who helped to establish Comporta some twenty years ago.

Mira Ponte

N2531 Just outside Carvalhal

Tel: 265 497 272

Some of the best traditional foods in the area.

Great family restaurant and superb value for money.

Food Circle

Sublime Hotel, Muda

Tel: 269 449 376

One of the best personal dining experiences you’ll ever have.

Sem Porta

Sublime Hotel, Muda

Tel: 269 449 376

Another sublime dining experience in Comporta at the Sublime Hotel in Muda

O Gervasio

Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo

Tel: 265 497 111

One of the original restaurants in Comporta where the children of the gentry congregate throughout the summer.

Specials of the day include grilled chicken, monkfish rice, bean stew and fried cuttlefish.


Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo

Tel: 265 497 160

A family run restaurant where grilled chicken served with chilly sauce and french fries are a must.


5entidos, Carvalhal High Street

Tel: 265 497 045

One of the best restaurants in Comporta with great service and an excellent dining experience.

Not the typical menu but a place you will want to return to.

O Frango Assado

Av. dos Pescadores, Carrasqueira

Tel: 265 497 399

Perfect for an affordable meal in Comporta with grilled chicken on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A Escola

N253 Cachopos

Tel: 265 612 816

Traditional dishes from the Alentejo and probably the best wine cellar in Comporta.

Restaurant Litoral


Tel: 269 441 286

A great family run restaurant in the centre of Grandola with good food at fair prices.


Bife Peru

Rua D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Grandola

Tel: 961 730 573

Excellent family run restaurant in the centre of Grandola.

Take-away available


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