Júlio Antiques Carvalhal

EN 261, Carvalhal

Phone +351 938 451 248


On the road connecting Comporta to Grândola, just after the access to Carvalhal, there’s an old barn with some old pieces spread randomly around.

It may look like it’s abandoned but the truth is that those wood walls hide real treasures. Old domestic or work items ready to find a new life in fresh hands.

Júlio Luís, the owner of the place, started this antiques business decades ago and created a trend in Comporta area. Newcomers, with houses to furnish and decorate, are between the best clients of the store.

Even hotels and restaurants in Comporta and around turn to Júlio’s Antiques to find original pieces to recycle.

The keyword is upcycle, giving new uses and better look to items that were lost in attics, old buildings and barns for years and, probably, would end in trash otherwise.

There’s no limit to creativity. Old doors, holding ancient secrets maybe, become a coffee table, a bench or a bookcase. Humble farm or fishing tools ornament gardens, terraces and so on.



June to September and weekends


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