Fio d’Água Comporta

Largo São João, 4, Comporta Village


Swimwear is some serious matter in Comporta for those who adopt the bohemian-chic style so fashionable around here. After all, from Tróia to Melides there’s more than 45 kms of sand and the perfect palce to shop is at Fio d’Água Swimwear.

If you intend to follow the latest trends to wear on the beach or swimming pool you will find all you need at Fio d’Água store.

Whether you are looking to frolicking out in the waves in a one-piece, get a tan in a bikini or going from the beach directly to a restaurant or a bar, you will find the right piece there.

As they say all it’s needed is to add water. The only difficulty is to choose a favourite model from reputed brands like Lenny Niemeyer, Salinas, Cia. Maritima or the accessories to match (necklaces, bracelets, futhas, kaftans, sarongs, sandals, etc)



10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

March to November


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Fio d’Água Swimwear

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