Restaurants in Comporta

Due to local cultivation, the restaurants in Comporta serve a bastion of rice based dishes with freshly caught Atlantic fish or shellfish all cooked to perfection.

Beach Restaurants

Comporta Café

Comporta Beach – 265 497 652

Vibrant; Superb menu and a great mood Friday and Saturday nights.

You will need your dancing shoes on cool summer evenings.

Comporta Cafe Restaurant


Ilha do Arroz

Comporta Beach – 265 490 510

Funky; Offers a distinctive European class and style

Ilha do Arroz


Restaurante Sal Comporta

Pego Beach – 265 490 129 ***

Hip and chic; Where the “Family” and elite from the European capitals are found

Sal Restaurant


Restaurante dos Pescadores

Carvalhal Beach – 265 497 023

Traditional beach restaurant in Carvalhal with some of the freshest and tastiest fish found in Portugal

O Dinis


Por do Sol

Carvalhal Beach – 265 497 225

Now owned by Sublime Hotel Comporta

Por do Sol


Comporta Restaurants & Cafés

Gomes Casa de Vinhos & Petiscos

Rua do Secador, 241 – 265 497 748

Wines and traditional plates. Stunning restaurant (Tapas), superb wines, excellent food, great service and a delightful environment.

Opens at and one of those restaurants that you will keeping coming back to. Great addition in 2018

Casa de Vinhos & Petiscos


Cavalariça Restaurant

Rua do Secador – 930 451 879

A recent addition to the restaurants in Comporta, and well worth a visit



Restaurant Sao Joao

Rua 24 Junho – 265 497 551

Traditional dishes, fresh fish and meat

Sao Joao


Eucalyptus Cafe

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 577 ***

Superb pastry cafe in Comporta to enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch or light evening snack.

Free Wi-Fi, Jazz music in the background and a very chilled environment



Colmo Bar

Located within the Lavanda Boutique

Fruit, drinks and great company


A Cegonha

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 658

A full array of traditional dishes and great grilled meats

A Cegonha


Gelati Lounge Restaurant – Closed

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 220

O Ze Restaurant Lounge

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 220

Sabor a Mar Snack Bar

Rua do Comercio – 96 0249 667

Restaurant O Celerio

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 252

Restaurant O Central

Rua do Comercio – 265 497 589

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Free Wi-Fi

Social Club Comporta

Rua Dom Afonso Henriques – 265 721 173

Working man’s club with affordable dishes

Cafe Comporta Sabores

Rua Dom Afonso Henriques – 265 497 312

Breakfast, snacks, coffee and beer

Pizzaria Padaria do Monte

Rua 24 Junho – 265 497 136

Pizza, fresh bread and snacks

O Folha Restaurant Cafe

Rua 24 Junho – 265 497 372

Traditional plates, meat, fish and rice

A Do Joao Restaurant and Bar

Rua das Palmeiras – 96 031 7173


Restaurants between Muda & Troia (N253-1)

Dona Bia

Restaurante Dona Bia

N261 – 265 497 220

One of the Best Restaurants in Comporta. Superb fish, rice and seafood

Dona Bia


Restaurante Museu do Arroz

N253 1 Just outside Comporta village  – 265 497 555

A stunningly designed restaurant; Museu do Arroz.

Tó Ze and Isbalinha the owners, are two of the most known “celebrities” in Comporta and helped to establish this area some twenty years ago

Museu do Arroz


Di Mestre Ristorante

N253 1 Just after Sol Troia (Pestana Eco-Resort) – 963 666 685

Without pretensions, this stunning interior and exterior space restaurant began life as a Pizzeria with a menu where salads and pastas were an integral part.

Due to the demand, we would very quickly enlarge the menu, where the Risotto, Gnocchi and Scaloppine would be part of the party.

2018 – Open from June, and all weekends throughout the winter.


Mira Ponte

N2531 – 265 497 272 **

Some of the best traditional foods in the area. Great family restaurant and superb value for money

Mira Ponte


Food Circle

Sublime Hotel

Food Circle


Sem Porta

Sublime Hotel

Sem Porta


Cafe and Restaurante Taipa

N2531 in Muda

Currently the only restaurant in Muda. Traditional Alentejo dishes


Brejos Restaurants

Through the Rice Fields

O Gervasio

Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo – 265 497 111

One of the original restaurants in Comporta and where the children of the gentry congregate throughout the summer.

Specialties of the house, grilled chicken and fish dishes including Monkfish Rice, Bean and Monkfish Stew and Fried Cuttlefish

O Gervasio



Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo – 265 497 160

A family run restaurant where grilled chicken is the order of the day



O Navio

(On the way to Carvalhal beach) – 265 490 149

One of the most established bars/cafes in Pego. Near to Lagoa Formosa

O Tobias

(On the way to Carvalhal Beach) – 265 490 236 **

One of the best seafood restaurants throughout the Comporta area


(On the way to Carvalhal beach) – 265 497 155

Traditional tasty and affordable dishes


Carvalhal Restaurants

Comporta Design


5entidos, Carvalhal High Street

Superb new addition (2018) to the restaurants in Carvalhal.

Great service, excellent food and well worth the visit.

Recommended to reserve your table throughout the summer months.

Not the typical menu and a place you will want to return to.

Great for couples and all the family



Sal Burger

Sal Burger, Carvalhal Highstreet

Found at the end of the Carvalhal highstreet in front of the new 5 star hotel.

Open weekends and everyday throughout the summer.

Part of the famous “Restaurante Sal” group

A Panificadora Cafe

Av. 18 Dezembro – 96 410 5456

Pastries, sandwiches, bread and great cakes. Order your special party cake

Pastelaria Tulipa

Av. 18 Dezembro – 265 497 476

Cafe and pastry bar and cafe. Fresh bread mornings and afternoons

Restaurant O Avelino

Av. 18 Dezembro – 265 490 128

Traditional home made cooking at great prices. Has accommodation too

Restaurant Pica Peixe

Av. 18 Dezembro – 265 490277

Grilled lamb, curry and samosa’s. Take-away available

Sao Romao Rei dos Caracois

Av. 18 Dezembro – 265 497259 **

Excellent snails and beer

Cafe Bar Cervejaria Bohemia

Av. 18 Dezembro

Breakfast, snacks and sandwiches

Juventude Desportiva

Av. Dezembro

Youth sports bar and cafe


Carrasqueira Restaurants

Cais Palafitico Carrasqueira

O Barco do Sado

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 007

Cafe, bar and restaurant, good food and prices

O Rola

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 003

Good fish and seafood restaurant


O Frango Assado

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 399

Grilled chicken Wednesdays and Saturdays

O Frango Assado


O Gonçalves

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 123

Good meat, fish and seafood dishes

O Retiro do Pescador

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 172

Traditional restaurant with good food and prices

Santiago. O Rei do Choco

Av. dos Pescadores – 265 497 179

Good meat, seafood and fish

Carrasqueira Cafe

Rua 25 de Abril

Breakfast cafe and snacks

O Mario

Between Carrasqueira and Possanco

Bar, cafe and Restaurant

Alcacer, Grandola & Melides

Agriculture in Comporta

Restaurants between Comporta and Alcacer

A Escola

N253 Cachopos – 265 612 816

Superb traditional dishes and an excellent wine cellar

A Escola


Restaurant Montalvo

N253 KM 14.7 – 265 619 441

Good environment and weekend entertainment

Porto Santana

Alcacer do Sal – 265 622 517

Superb traditional restaurant with fine wines and scrumptious dining


Restaurants in Grandola

Restaurant Litoral

Grandola – 269 441 286

Great little family run restaurant in the centre of Grandola. Great food, great service at fair prices.

Restaurant Litoral

A Talha

Grandola – 269 086 942

An excellent restaurant with superb locally produced products with great history and a loyal clientele.

Steaks are very good as are many of the traditionally prepared suppers and served with a decent choice of wines and desserts

Espaco Garrett

Grandola – 936401092

A superb owner and Maitre d’ with regional cuisine and art gallery on ground and upper floor.

Cosy with a nice atmosphere serving many traditional plates

Restaurants in Melides

Tia Rosa

Between Carvalhal and Melides on the EN261 – 269 907 144

Known for roasted duck but serves many more hearty and tasty meat dishes.

A great price and convenient meeting point between Grandola, Melides and Carvalhal


O Fadista

Melides – 269 907 411

A superbly run family restaurant in the heart of the Melides village.

A variety of local dishes including grilled fish, stew and meat. Great friendly service and very affordable home-cooked food


Land for sale in Melides and Comporta

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