Brejos do Carregueira Beach

Although there are no private beaches in Portugal, the one at Brejos is as close as you can get.

The beach stretches between Torre and Carvalhal and the only way to access it by car is through the rice fields, the pine forest and over the dunes to the beach and in order to do this you require a pass.

All of the homeowners in Brejos have passes, so if you’re here on vacation, the owners should have left one in the house for you.

You could arrive at the beach if you travelled by foot either from Torre or Carvalhal beach, which very few people ever do.


Praia dos Brejos provides a small private car park after the rice fields and just before the pine forest and therefore you will have to hike for about 5 minutes until you arrive at the shore. Some beach goers arrive by quad bike.


There are no bathrooms, restaurants, bars or any type of service at this beach, so if you intend to spend sometime there you will need a picnic basket and a few drinks.


The beach is extremely quiet and almost like a club, as many of the beach goers know each other personally.


When returning from the beach, try to avoid sunset hours, as this is the time when the mosquito’s are around and you may get bitten once or twice.

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