Brejinho da Costa (Winery)

Quinta do Brejinho, Brejinho d’Água, Grândola

Phone: +351 269 440 030 (Office and store)


Driving from Carvalhal to Grândola there’s a detour right to Brejinho d’Água after Muda. Follow the road and you will find Quinta do Brejinho da Costa.

Brejinho da Costa is a local winery and family company that saw all the potential of this region to produce wine. Here, grapes are still harvested by hand.

Several factors revealed essential to the quality of their wines which benefit from the proximity to the Atlantic, the sandy soil, good sun exposure and the unique weather of this part of Alentejo.

In addition to all their fine wines, at the Brejinho da Costa store you will also find exquisite products like their extra virgin olive oil (ecologic mill), the sparkling wine, pear jam with red wine, the sweet and fortified Moscatel wine and Moscatel Roxo, Aguardente (brandy) and local pine nuts.

From Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and on Saturdays depending on availability, there are guided tours to the cellar. The tours must be booked 24 hours ahead by email.

Three types of wine tasting, Colheita, Selection, and Reserva, are available . The price varies between €10 and €20 pax, but if you wish you can pair the wines with regional products (olives, bread, sausages and cheese) for an additional €5.

A lunch composed of delicious typical dishes from Alentejo, harmonized with selected Quinta do Brejinho da Costa wines, for minimum 4 and maximum 12 persons (€30 pax) has to be reserved.



Monday to Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Saturday only with previous appointment



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