Birding in Comporta. Over two hundred bird species visit the area each year or have made it their permanent home here. See for yourself, Comporta is a birding haven.

Bird Watching

The largest land owner in the area the Herdade da Comporta realised some time ago that in order to attract the right clientele they would have to offer the state of the art golf course and club. Take a look at what is planned and what is already here in Troia.

Comporta Golf – Under development

Troia Golf – Open

Horse riding along the beach as the waves gently caress the shore is one of the most enjoyable activities you will find within this area. Why not try it yourself with horse master Jose Ribeira.

Horse Riding

Although Comporta isn’t famous for her surf, if you’re a beginner or just love the sport then go along to Carvalhal beach where you will be in the best of hands.


It’s not for everybody, but if you love to gamble or just like a flutter once in a while with a little nightly entertainment then Troia Casino could be the perfect place.

Troia Casino

So you’ve arrived in Comporta to chill a little and let the stresses of modern day life pass you by. Make the most of your relaxed mood and enliven your spirit with a little yoga near the beach.


There is a whole array of activities and things to do whilst you are in Comporta. Whether it’s cycling, walking, sunbathing, snorkelling or one of the many other activities, there’s always something for you to do to enjoy. Take a look at the following link for the Roman Ruins, The Rice Museum, Sailing and much more.

Bike Rental

Check to see if your hotel or property owner offers bikes within your package, if not, there are a number of organisations where you may hire a bike for the duration of your stay.


Activities in Comporta